The Sevanjali Charitable Trust®  – in the service of society

Sevanjali Charitable Trust is a voluntary youth group based in the coastal city of Mangalore. Registered as a  non-profit organization in 2002, the trust is engaged in several service activities in the field of education, healthcare and providing relief to the needy. Prior to the formation of the Kodial Sports Association, the Sevanjali Trust was nodal point of all GSB Community activities.

The Trust is run by a board of trustees. Since inception, the activities of Sevanjali have been spearheaded by the dynamic MLA, Mangalore South, Shri D. Vedavyas Kamath, and the President of the Trust.

The main impetus for the formation of the trust is the inspiration provided by his Holiness Srimad Sudhindra Thirtha Swamiji, Matadapathi of Shri Kashi Math Samasstan, who has motivated generations of youth to harness their talents for the service of the nation.

The Trust’s main objectives are

    • to provide financial support to students to pursue their education
    • to provide financial support to needy patients for medical treatment
    • to reach out and empower disadvantaged people like the physically and mentally challenged, senior citizens, destitute women, orphans etc.
    • to undertake community health programs such as medical check-up, fee eye tests etc.
    • to strive for social harmony, peace and fellowship through friendly interaction
    • to organize lectures, seminars and workshops for the intellectual development
    • to strive to promote social, cultural and patriotic values through exposure programs

Over the last 17 years, the trust has moved swiftly to fulfil its objectives

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