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Goud Saraswat Brahmins have travelled a long way from the times of Saraswat Muni, and the banks of the historical and sometimes even mythical River Saraswati in Rajasthan and Punjab to Thrihotpura in Bihar, and then to Goa and from there southward to Coastal Karnataka including the undivided Dakshina Kannada and its headquarters, Mangalore, now Mangaluru, in the 16th Century to escape persecution by the Portuguese.

The history of Saraswats is a record of their struggle for existence and a chain of migrations, the longest and the most wide spread among any community in India. They migrated along with their culture, language, traditions and enriched the local culture and economy, which was till then dominated by the Tuluvas and the Tulu language. Despite all the tribulations, the community has been able to preserve their culture and traditions intact, over many generations

The Gowda Saraswats who were intelligent and lucky got royal patronage and positions in governance in due course. Over the years, they enhanced the economy, society and culture of the city and the region they lived in, contributing in no small way to its emergence as a place to reckon with on the map of India, and indeed the world. Along the way the community has also produced pioneers in Banking and Education sectors of the economy.

Despite all these migrations and difficulties, a strong religious, cultural and linguistic bond has prevailed within. They are a well-organized community, their internal bonds stronger than ever, due to their community leadership, yet they have blended well with other communities wherever they have settled. They are today, tradition bound, but cosmopolitan in outlook, extrovert in their approach to society and introverted when it comes to their traditions. A rare combination indeed.


Events connect people and celebrate their cultural heritage. The GSB community too takes every opportunity to bond and blend through community events. The organization of the GSB premier league 2019 (GPL 2019) organised by the Kodial Sports Association (started in 2017), a unit of the Sevanjali Charitable Trust, which is now the fountainhead of all GSB community action and activity in Mangalore, was no exception. The event's objectives were just that - bond and blend with one overriding objective - have fun!

In the end, you can walk away from a live event with something as simple as a good feeling and a great memory to something as amazing as a new friendship that can last for years.

The organizers readily admit, that the success of the GPL 2019, indeed the success of all its social activities was possible only with the blessings of the Lord Veera Venkatesh,His Holiness Shrimad Sudhindhra Thirtha Swamiji, and His Holiness Shrimad Samyamindra Thirtha Swamiji, Mathadipathi of Shree Kashimath Samsthan,Varanasi and they are eternally grateful for their support and blessings.

Kodial Sports Association (KSA) - more than a sports association

The Kodial Sports Association (KSA) was set up in 2017 to promote sports activities in the community. It is led by its President Shivanand Shenoy and its promoters Vedavyas Kamath, Naresh Shenoy, Naresh Prabhu and Chethan Kamath.

However, over the last two years of its existence, it has undertaken substantive work in society, working hard to uplift through social service, people from the lower socio-economic strata.

Here are some examples of its social work:

  • Kodial Sports Association decided to organize a Stem Cell Donor Registration Driving during GSB Pro Kabbadi 2017. KSA joined hands with Datri, a non-for-profit organization to save lives of people suffering from Blood cancer and Thalassemia.
  • KSA donated Rs. 6 Lakh to the families of Mr. Santhosh Nayak and Mr. Charan Pai who lost their lives in an accident which had taken place in Goa.
  • KSA has donated an amount of Rs. 2,26,560.00 to Mr. Deepesh Nayak for his Walther LG 400 Anatomic Rifle to participate in the National Level 10 Mts Air rifle Event in Delhi.
  • A generous cash contribution was made to Saanidhya Residential School & Training Centre for Mentally Challenged.
  • An amount of 14 Lakh was collected through a drive by KSA and given to an 11 Year old boy by the name of Vignesh Mallya. Vignesh is suffering from Bone marrow cancer and this amount would help cover his medical expenses for his Treatment in Bengaluru. Also Financial Assistance of Rs 2,00,000 was given after the Conclusion of GPL 2019.
  • KSA has contributed an amount to an international athlete , Mr. Sadananda Prabhu.